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Our platform connects writers and clients, and we are looking for new writers for our upcoming busy season! Clients place orders 24/7 and our system automatically puts them into a queue for writers to view. If you like the order and can get it done by the deadline, claim it and get to work! The process is simple for writers, and it's often easy for those who enjoy the research and writing process.

While we facilitate the exchange of money and documents, writers and clients message each other directly to clarify order requirements. Many writers enjoy repeat clients, which means clients specifically request them. While accepting an order is never a requirement for the writer, client requests allow writers to accept orders without searching in the queue. Our platform has an extensive Writer Helpdesk to ensure writers have all relevant information available at their fingertips.

Writers need to have:
  • Research and formatting skills (APA, MLA, ect)
  • Computer with internet access
  • Microsoft Word for draft submission
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • US address for tax purposes 
Payouts are automatically set by our platform when a customer creates their order. Sliding pay scale ranges from $7.50-22 per page for custom writing. Each page should be approximately 275 words. Bonuses added to orders may exceed these payout ranges. Writers are paid out twice per month via electronic deposit.
This is a independent contractor position which means you will fill out a W9 rather than a W4. Per IRS guidelines, a 1099 will be created by the company no later than January 31st if the contractor earns at least $600 for the prior year.

Being a freelance writer isn't for everyone. In this role you will need to check queues, read the order information, and decide if you can complete the order by the deadline. Once you claim the order you should communicate with the client through our secure platform, then complete the order and submit for review. Our QA team reviews the order to ensure it meets order requirements before sending it to the client. If you the draft doesn't meet order requirements it gets sent back to the writer. 

Sometimes the queues are abundant while other times they may seem bare. We find many freelancers like to use this position to earn extra money between their regular daily tasks, rather than using it exclusively as their main income source. It's a great way to determine if the freelance writer lifestyle is right for you. It can also be the perfect balance when you want your downtime to produce extra income. 

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